patchwork mixed fabrics fluid vest or dress

Another piece from the Santa Fe Collection - made out of mixed fabrics, primarily silk crepe, it has a nice fluid nature to move around the body and hang just right. All pieces have been separately hand-painted to produce this intriguing look which will make the eye travel from bright spots to more subtle print. Great to wear with your black bottoms or over dresses, and you can choose any color from the vest to bring out by wearing a different color top - many available, please ask for recommendations in your size. As most items, it can be customized for size and length or different closure to be worn as a mini-dress, please ask. Product code: D7525


This item is no longer available.

Generous A-line, one-button front closure, pocket, asymmetrical collar, asymmetrical kerchief bottom, unlined.

Note: Each piece is available only in the size mentioned, but modifications to change the fit are always possible (longer, shorter, smaller, roomier, etc.), often with just button repositioning and often at no extra charge, so please ask.

Each piece is designed, constructed, hand-painted, distressed and embellished entirely by the artist, from start to finish.

There are always matching pieces and accessories. They just may not be listed yet, so please inquire if you cannot find something to complete the outfit.

Size: will fit through about large as is - can be customized for size, length, and closure, please inquire. Measurements: 44" chest, 66" hips, 34" long.

Silk, viscose, cotton, medium weiht.

Black base, mixed dark colors with highlights in fire yellow and orange, red, some white.

Hand wash.

General cleaning instructions for all garments (also see care tag inside the clothing) are as follows:

  • Any garment can be dry-cleaned with the gentle/delicates method.
  • Items marked 'hand wash' can be washed by hand (not in the gentle or hand-wash machine cycle), separately, as briefly as possible, with minimal amount of mild detergent, particularly for hand-painted items. Follow with the spin cycle of the washing machine, and finish in medium heat dryer, unless hang-drying is recommended, which is the case for most knits.
  • Hand-pressing is recommended on most items after the wash and dry to straighten out the seams and edges which tend to pucker or curl on natural fabrics.
  • Some hand-dyed items may leak a bit of color during the washing, that is normal and will not affect the item. Using liquid softener during the wash will minimize any color leaking.

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