Sizing for all clothing is arbitrary, and differs significantly from designer to designer, despite industry guidelines, which is even more true for handmade, wearable art. The artist bases her size suggestions on the best fit for the look, taking into consideration actual experience of what customers consider their size to be.


An item might sound roomy when you consider the numbers, but because of the look and particular cut, and possibly sleeve opening and fit, it is not recommended for sizes other than small and medium. Likewise, it might be a type which would fit all, but it will be marked as plus size only. Of course, feel free to override any of these suggestions if the numbers work and you know your look. These are just recommendations and no one knows you better than youself! If you are ever in doubt, just ask. Please ALWAYS check measurements against your "most tricky" areas (which we all have).

How to Measure

Chest is not the bra size (i.e. 36C does not mean your chest is 36", as it does not include the allowance for the cups) and is measured across at bottom of arm opening with garment lying flat and then doubled, unstretched, and is normally the main consideration for the size of jackets, tops and dresses. Hips are normally the widest measurements around the hips, and is calculated for sizing here at about 10" below the waist line across, unstretched, and then doubled. Length is measured from the shoulder line to the hemline, normally averaged for asymmetrical jackets. Inseam is measured from the crotch to the bottom of the leg hem. Other measurements are less important and normally not included in descriptions, but if you need a particular measurement, just ask.

All pieces are shown on small size models, without pinning or alterations, unless noted otherwise.

Adjustments to fit your particular body type are always a possibility, so please ask.

small - usually includes x-small and petite, chest up to 38", hips up to 39"

medium - chest between 39" and 42", hips up to 44"

large - include x-large, chest between 43" and 49", hips up to 48"

plus - anything over 50" chest and 49" hips