'boro-boro' bold hand-painted layering vest

What a fun way to add an extra layer to your outfits! Or wear by itself with a slight modification (please ask), or over a tank as a top. This short fitted vest has been created with the use of many different techniques, from patchwork to overlay, with bore-type patches and an interesting choice of colors, brought together by a bright, bold hand-painted cerulean blue. Top stitching and painted button are just a few of the other details you will keep discovering for yourself. Product code: E7471


Fitted through waist, applique, top stitching, sleeveless, one-button front closure, hand-painted.

Note: Each piece is available only in the size mentioned, but modifications to change the fit are always possible (longer, shorter, smaller, roomier, etc.), often with just button repositioning and often at no extra charge, so please ask.

Each piece is designed, constructed, hand-painted, distressed and embellished entirely by the artist, from start to finish.

There are always matching pieces and accessories. They just may not be listed yet, so please inquire if you cannot find something to complete the outfit.

Size: small. Measurements: 36" chest, 34" waist, 23" long. Can be modified slightly for the fit, if needed, please ask.

Mixed natural fabrics.

Blue, rust, dark yellow, navy.

Hand wash.

All garments arrive to you freshly cleaned, unlike regular store-bought items, and are ready to wear.

Dry-cleaning is ok on most items but only if gentle methods are used and the cleaners are familiar with cleaning hand-painted delicate fabrics.

To freshen up any item that doesn’t need deep cleaning simply mist it with a water spray and put in the dryer on medium heat for about 15 min.

All garments can be hand washed. Wash each item separately, cold water only, minimal amount of detergent, and as briefly as possible, no soaking. The wash can be followed by a spin in the washer and dried on medium heat until dry. Knits should be hung-dried and when dry, finished in the dryer for a few minutes to soften.

Hand-pressing may be necessary after the wash and dry to straighten out the seams and edges which tend to pucker or curl on natural fabrics.

Some hand-dyed items may leak a bit of color during the washing, that is normal and will not affect the item. Using liquid softener during the wash will minimize any color leaking.

For more tips and details please refer to the cleaning instructions card included with your package.

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